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Kathe Kline was a financial advisor for almost 25 years prior to working with Medicare.  

Kathe’s husband signed up for Medicare when he turned 65.  Like everyone who turns 65, he got a lot of MedicareMail(c).  It was confusing so he chose someone to help him sign up for a Medicare plan.

This sales person told him he didn’t need a drug plan because he didn’t take any medication.

Unfortunately, Kathe didn’t find out about the penalty until much later, and now he is subject to a lifetime penalty.

So far, the penalty is still more than what the drug plan costs.

We are on a mission to change the way Medicare is sold, and to provide free educational programs to Medicare beneficiaries.


We want to change the way Medicare is sold.  We want to encourage anyone who sells Medicare insurance, whether it be Supplements or Advantage Plans, to learn about the program prior to making their first sale.


We envision a time when Medicare beneficiaries understand the programs they have gotten.
This includes Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans.


  1. Medicare information should be easy to understand
  2. No Medicare beneficiary should be pressured into getting a plan that they don’t understand
  3. Brokers and agents should work together to find the right plan for the client

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